November is national epilepsy month. As part of the monthís activities the Epilepsy conducts programs to raise awareness about epilepsy and the affect it has on oneís life. Epilepsy is a medical problem with seizures being the outward sign. Seizures are caused by brief disturbances in the brainís electrical activity Seizures can affect the whole brain and disrupt consciousness or just part of the brain in which consciousness may or may not be affected.
Do you know that 1 in every 100 individuals or 3 million Americans have some type of epilepsy/seizure disorder? Do you know that over 200,000 new cases in the United States are diagnosed each year? Do you know that Epilepsy is the third most common neurological disorder in the United States after Alzheimerís disease and stroke? Epilepsy is equal in prevalence to cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinsonís disease combined. School nurses and teachers identify seizure disorders as one of the major health problems to be handled. The impact of epilepsy on a child or young person can be devastating, contributing to low self esteem , impaired learning abilities and victimization of bulling.
Epilepsy strikes most often among the very young and the very old, although anyone can get it at any age. In the United States it affects more than 326,000 children under the age of fifteen more than 90,000 of whom have severe seizure that cannot be adequately treated.
The number of cases in the elderly is beginning to sore as the baby boom generation approaches retirement age. Currently in the U.S. more than 570,000 adults age 65 and above have the condition.
The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama provides for services to epilepsy clients in the State of Alabama. The Foundation realizes the importance of client network groups to
epilepsy clients, their family and caregivers. These groups provide socialization, education as well as an opportunity to discuss the latest resources, treatment and services
to people with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama is interested in forming Client Networks in cities throughout the state of Alabama. It you are interested in participating in a client network group or are interested in becoming involved with the Foundation contact the Epilepsy Foundation at 1-800-626-1582 or 251-341-0170 or or