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We are looking for volunteers in the M
obile, Huntsville, Birmingham areas.


The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama is planning several events. Volunteers are needed to work and participate in the events. If you are interested in volunteering contact the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama, Telephone 251-341-0170, 1-800-626-1582 or email ddodson@efala.org or complete the volunteer application on the volunteer page on our website.


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I understand that I am applying to be an unpaid volunteer for the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama and that this application is not an application for employment. I understand that nothing in this application is intended to imply or create an employment relationship or a contract for employment.

For certain positions, the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama may conduct background checks on potential volunteers if this would apply to you another form and more information will be required.

The information I have provided on this application form is true and complete. I hereby give the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama the right to check my references and release the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama and all persons supplying such information from liability.

I understand that if any misrepresentation has been made by me, I may be disqualified for consideration or dismissed if discovered later.

If accepted to the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama’s volunteer program, I understand that I volunteer at the discretion of the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama, and that I will abide by all the requirements of the program, policies and procedures of the organization. I also agree to keep any client information obtained directly, indirectly or just overheard confidential.

I am interested in becoming a volunteer, have read and agreed to the statements above, and give the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama the permission to process my application.

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