November is Epilepsy Awareness Month!

We would like to welcome the new Executive Director, Donna Dodson to the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama.

Celebrating Success: Katie Yeend

Katie Yeend has been a client of the Alabama Epilepsy Foundation for many years, she is now hitting her own stride with honors richly deserved and won outright in a nationwide competition. We thought you would like to read some Good News. CONGRATS Katie

Katie is still attending Faulkner State Community College and will be a Sophomore Jan. 2015, majoring in Early Childhodo Education with a minor in Sociology; she hopes to teach K-3 grades in Special Education. This summer she was able to be a Volunteer Counselor at Victory Junction in Randleman, NC.

She also is one of 30 nationwide to win a $5,000.00 scholarship through 2014 UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship. September 15, 2014 she will also attend a 2 week CNA Certification.

David Toenes, Director Client Services, Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama


UAB will create a cannabidiol program for research and treatment of debilitating seizures in response to the enactment of Carly’s Law by the Alabama legislature and Governor Bentley.

The Cannabidiol Program will be established by the UAB Department of Neurology, which includes physicians practicing at the Kirklin Clinic and UAB Hospital as well as at Children’s of Alabama. The co-directors will be Jerzy P. Szaflarski, MD. Ph.D., Martina Bebin, M.D., M.P.A, and Leon Dure, M..D

The program must meet regulatory requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, The Drug Enforcement Administration and the university’s Institutional Review Board; approvals must be obtained be fore the program can be launched. This process could take six months or longer.

Patients seeking an appointment with the UAB cannabidiol program call

205-975-8883 or email for more information.

Epilepsy Awareness Initiatives

I am a recruitment specialist with Snow Companies, a healthcare communications company. We are working with Eisai, Inc. in the creation of patient and caregiver education initiatives for the epilepsy community.

As part of the development of these progams and services , Eisai, Inc. is hoping to identify people living with partial onset seizures and their journey with managing treatment.

We would appreciate your help in identifying patients and caregivers who may be willing to participate in potential initiatives aimed at raising awareness of epilepsy. Initiatives may include public speaking opportunities, omline programs, or participation in photo or video projects.

In order to maintain patient privacy, we ask that individuals self-nominate by email or call 1-855-578-5348 for more information.

We appreciate any help you be able to offer in identifying interested individuals, understanding that not all who may be interested will be eligible to participate.

Heather Morse, RPh, Advocacy and Recruitment Specialist,

If you have any questions email or call him at 251-341-0170.

Epilepsy Awareness Club in Madison, AL

Gena Dalton and Michelle Lange, are the contacts in Madison , AL.


Beginning in November, Epilepsy Awareness Month, the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama will initiate statewide efforts to broaden the information base and awareness of seizure disorders and epilepsy throughout Alabama.

All outreach groups will be" Epilepsy Awareness Clubs" with the new mission of bringing the latest information on seizure diagnosis and management. At the same time we will bring more uniformity in our delivery of services statewide through these clubs will serve clients with emphasis on the positives, such as belonging and awareness.

The change will be more than cosmetic as the roll of the Awareness Clubs unfolds. If you are interested in bringing a posotive sound and participating in our efforts contact David A. Toenes, Director of Client Services at or call David at 1-800-626-1582.

Epilepsy Awareness Clubs

The Epilepsy Awareness Clubs throughout the state will provide a new,

up to date outreach capacity designed to meet the needs of the growing population

Of Persons With Epilepsy (PWE). Each will interlock with the other through the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama offices.

The function of the EWC is to provide a homogenous group of individuals with epilepsy seeking additional information on treatment, medications, and the newest treatment modalities for epilepsy. Additionally, the Awareness clubs will serve as established meeting groups and outreach engines.

The initial sites for the Epilepsy Awareness Sites are:

Mobile (Andulsia/Brewton), Montgomery, Dothan, Birmingham, and Huntsville


The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama is organizing a Volunteer Group. This group will assist the foundation in all areas of operation to include, planning and organizing events, training in the foundation’s educational programs i.e. “Managing Students with Seizures,” Training for School Nurses, Law Enforcement Initiative, for presentation to community groups, schools, businesses etc.

Seizures affect 1 in every 100 individuals and is a very misunderstood disorder. It is the leading neurological disorder in children, and the third leading neurological disorder in adults, third only to strokes and alzheimers.

For information call (251)341-0170 or website


The Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama is a voluntary, nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals affected by epilepsy in 67 counties across Alabama.

A nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama has as its mission to educate and support individuals with epilepsy and their families, to increase awareness in the general community and to facilitate prevention and management of epilepsy. This includes providing services and programs for people with epilepsy and their families; educating and increasing awareness about epilepsy; providing leadership in advocacy for epilepsy issues and collaborating with other community resources in support of the mission of the people with seizure disorders.


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